The ADDACS Reports

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The ADDACS Bacs report is produced whenever a change is made to the details of an existing Direct Debit Instruction, (ADDACS is an acronym made up from the Automated Direct Debit Amendments and Cancellations Service).

The report will provide information regarding the instruction and is made available to Service Users as soon as the Paying Bank have updated Bacs.  The Service User then needs to act on these changes within 3 working days.

It is critically important that the correct action is taken in response to an ADDACS report as this will enable the Service User to continue to receive payments. Failure to update details can lead to incorrect collections, indemnity claims, lost revenue and poor customer service.

ADDACS Reason Codes

Example transaction codes used are: “Account Closed (Reason code B), “Instruction cancelled by payer” (Reason code 1) or “Account transferred to a new Bank or Building society” (Reason code 3). The rationale behind each of these reason codes and the appropriate actions to take in response to them are all detailed on our Clear Direct Debit training courses. Common reason codes on an ADDACS Bacs report include:

Box Icon Instruction Cancelled - Refer to payer

Instruction Cancelled - Refer to payer

Box Icon Instruction cancelled by payer

Instruction cancelled by payer

Box Icon Payer deceased

Payer deceased

Box Icon Account transferred

Account transferred

Box Icon Advance notice disputed

Advance notice disputed

Box Icon Account closed

Account closed

Accessing Bacs Reports

All Bacs reports are available electronically via Bacs Payment Services website and some Bacstel-IP software packages. E-mail notifications can be sent to various users when the reports become available (if set up against the contact). It’s recommended to download these using your payments software where possible. Otherwise they are made available to the service user for 37 days at a time.

If wanting to download Bacs reports direct from the Payment Services website, the following steps can be used:

  1. Access website

    Upon receipt of an email notification, go to Bacs Payment Services Website

  2. Log in

    Log in to Payment Services Website (Log in using Chip & PIN or User ID & Password)

  3. Search

    Navigate to the Processing Reports Screen and search for the report

  4. Select

    Select the report to view it on-line

  5. Save or print

    Save or print the report, select the File menu and Print or Save

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