Advantages of our Bacs Bureau

ClearDebit Approved Bacs Bureau

ClearDebit is a full-service, approved Bacs bureau that is trusted by hundreds of organisations to support their Direct Debit and Direct Credit processing.  We provide the highest quality service, supported by our industry experts and are here to help you.

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We submit your AUDDIS files containing information about your new Direct Debit Instructions to Bacs

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We process your on-going Direct Debit collection and/or your Direct Credit payment files

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We make your Bacs reports securely available so you don’t need smartcards to access them

Advantages of the ClearDebit Approved Bacs Bureau

There are numerous advantages to using the ClearDebit Bureau Service. These include:

  • Tailored to your needs: We work with you to design and agree the level of service that you require
  • Quick to set up: We can have you up and running in 48 hours
  • Confidence: A secure and robust cloud based solution with secure data upload and confirmation of data receipt and processing
  • Reliable: Lowered risk of missed collections / payments with built in DR / contingency
  • We are a specialist Direct Debit company. It’s all we do! As a Bacs Accredited training provider we have helped hundreds of organisations get the most out of the Direct Debit Scheme. As a result, we are in a unique position to ensure compliance with best practice and industry regulations
  • Peace of Mind: Full remote support from our Direct Debit experts
  • Future proof: No software to upgrade or systems to change
  • Scalable: Whether your collections go up or down we can adapt with you
  • Low & stable costs: No expensive software updates to fund and a simple pricing structure (fixed annual or monthly cost, or transactional charges as preferred) means no nasty surprises
  • Simplicity: Reducing the need for multiple systems / processes
  • Preferential rates on Direct Debit training and consultancy
  • Flexible: You can sign up to use the Bureau on a full time or contingency basis
  • Easy: We can make all your Bacs reports available for you

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