Bank Account Validation Software

Ensure you have valid bank account numbers and sort codes at the point of data entry

If you need to collect a sort code and a bank account number, validating the data early will save you time and money in the long run. Whether it is for Direct Debits or Direct Credits, catching an error early means fewer costly representations or failed payments/collections.

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The payment model of “pay per click” means you can install BankCheck on as many PCs as you require and you only pay for your usage. (The software is free to download on as many PCs as you wish). ClearDebit has many tools and solutions to meet the needs of many different types of organisations, and BankCheck is used in all of them to ensure the integrity of your data:-

  • BacscomIP, our Bacs payment solution
  • Bacscom Cloud, our cloud based payment solution
  • Mandate Express, our Direct Debit Management Software
Box Image Web Service

Web Service

As BankCheck is a web service it means that you can embed the sortcode lookup and the modulus check directly into your website or other data collection application. Being a web service we take on the task of ensuring the most up to date ISCD is available on our servers so you know you have the most current data. Sometimes known as Cloud Computing or SaaS (Software as a service), it means that you can concentrate on the part of the application you understand best and we can provide web based services to meet your needs.

Box Image Paperless Direct Debit

Paperless Direct Debit

If you are a Paperless Direct Debit originator, it is a mandatory Bacs requirement that you perform the validation at the point of data entry and that there is no further keying of the data. BankCheck is a web based service to allow you to easily validate bank sort codes and bank account numbers at point of entry.

Box Image Windows Application

Windows Application

You may not need the ability to build BankCheck into your own application so we also provide a simple Windows App which does the job of verifying the sortcode and bank account number for you. Again, because we only charge for the use of the service you can install BankCheck on just one desktop or a thousand desktops, we don’t mind.

Performing sort code validation and bank account validation ensures you have the correct bank details and is crucial to the smooth running of your direct debit management systems. In particular, when accepting paperless direct debit instructions it is mandatory that you perform an ISCD lookup and modulus check at the time of accepting the instruction. BankCheck does just that for you, it ensures your sort code and account number are checked and accurate from the start.

Get the facts

  • Uses the most up to date ISCD to perform sort code validation.
  • Uses Modulus Checking rules defined by each bank to ensure the bank account and sortcode combination are valid.
  • Bank Account validation using the latest ISCD ensures you have the most up to date details.
  • Available as a Windows application, online on the web, or as an API for integration into your own website or application.

Secure & reliable Bank Account Validation Software

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