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11, JUN 2021

Direct Debit is your preferred method of payment for your organisation – but you are unsure of the process involved, or don’t have the resources available to put the required Direct Debit systems in place and to manage it effectively. In this situation, a Direct Debit Bureau is what you are looking for – but what is a Direct Debit Bureau – and how do you choose which one to use?

What is a Direct Debit Bureau?

A Direct Debit Bureau is an organisation through which other organisations – business, charities – submit their Direct Debit files to BACS . Over half the organisations using BACS Direct Debit services are ‘indirect submitters’, choosing to use a Direct Debit Bureau rather than setting up and managing an in house Direct Debit team.

What are the advantages of using a Direct Debit Bureau?

By using a Direct Debit Bureau, your organisation reduces the costs and time involved of putting a Direct Debit system in place and maintaining it. You will also benefit from the Bureaux expertise and forward planning, and its ability to scale up should there be an increase in transactions. If you’d like to know more about the advantages of using a Direct Debit Bureau, you can read about them here .

Choosing a Direct Debit Bureau

There are around 350 organisations registered as Bureaux in the UK, but most only operate internally or for a specific purpose (such as for a group of companies under same ownership or for payroll only). Leaving aside the majority, there are between 10 – 20 are Direct Debit Bureaux in operation in the UK which are able to assist other organisations with their direct debit processing. So how do you go about choosing which one is right for you?

  • Flexible Service Levels

You may need a complete service, or on a contingency basis, data processing or full Direct Debit management. Look for a Direct Debit Bureau which allows the flexibility you need.

  • Transparent Cost Structures

Check what the costs will be for the support you are looking for and make sure there are no ‘hidden extras’ lurking in the pricing.

  • Sign up options

Alongside more traditional paper based Direct Debit sign up, you also have paperless options to gather the information needed for the Direct Debit Instruction . If you are interested in using online and telephone options to collect this information, you should check that you will be able to integrate your own systems with the system the bureau has in place

  • Scalability

Make sure the Direct Debit Bureau you choose has the ability to scale up (or down) to meet any increases in Direct Debit sign up and processing you may experience.

  • Experts

If you choose a Direct Debit Bureau that specialises only in Direct Debit, you can be sure you’re choosing an expert organisation and will have access to their specialist knowledge in support of your own Direct Debit operations.

We’re happy to talk to you about all aspects of Direct Debit to help you make the right choice of Direct Debit Bureau for your organisation’s needs – get in touch today on 01737 826957 or email: info@cleardirectdebit.co.uk