Client Feedback

Read the outstanding feedback from recent Direct Debit Training Course Attendees

Well worth doing, a great course for all abilities feel so confident – Sarah is fantastic and keeps you hooked from the word go.

Chloe Andrews – Property Services - February 2020

Great to have the course in-house so all discussions relevant to the college and working practises.

Karen Peake - Financial Controller - January 2020

Fantastic course! I came with little understanding and now feel confident in processing Direct Debits and knowing what all the reports mean.

Grace Monnery - Membership Executive - January 2020

Very informative and highlighted area's we need to improve on our systems

Beverly Cave - Company Accountant January 2020

Must do course for those dealing with Direct Debits

Rebecca Davenport -Specialist Societies Manager January 2020

Sarah was delightful! the course covered all of the areas around the Direct Debit process and the pace was just right - Thank you !

Priti Fernandez - CRM Implementaion Manager January 2020

Very interesting and informative. Filled in a few grey areas of my understanding of Direct Debits

Louise Stafford - Membership Adoptions Assistant November 2019

This course was very informative. Explained in detail why we use processes we do. Would recommend

Natalie Whittington - Membership Admin November 2019

A very informative course that tells you everything you need to know about the Direct Debit scheme and the wider process

Peter Askew – Senior Accountant November 2019

Really friendly and approachable trainer, was able to interrupt and ask questions at different points

Mellissa Butler – Finance Co-Ordinator October 2019

Sarah was brilliant! The training is straight to the point and a good refresher if you haven’t been on Direct Debit training for a while.

Anne Wilks - Accounting and Admin Manager October 2019

Fabulous course all in all. Sarah was great and made everyone feel they could ask the questions they needed to ask

Emma Charleston – Accountancy Assistant October 2019

Fantastic trainer with relaxed fun style! Confident and Knowledgeable and thorough workbook -Thank you

Emma Chapman – Support Services September 2019

My Knowledge on Direct Debits has increased massively

Mohamad Randera – Accounts Assistant September 2019

Thank you to you and to Sarah C the course was excellent and very well communicated from start to finish. It was also great to know that we are doing things right. - Thank you once again…

Gemma Smith - Finance Team Leader September 2019

Very Informative and concise. Clear and easy to understand. Thank you !

Sonal Madan - Supporter Operations Assistant August 2019

Great course, very helpful and informative

Stephanie Robinson – Credit Control August 2019

Excellent course and very well presented

Jackie Hines – Customer Service August 2019

The course was fun! I feel like I know a lot more about the process and regulations and I am much more confident using direct debits

Kirsty Harper - Accounts Assistant July 2019

Thank you Sarah for your time. Feeling more confident now about direct debits

Kasia Staniek – Customer Accounts July 2019

Content was very relevant to the entire group; I would recommend the course to anyone using Direct Debits

Lorna Kassoul – Systems and Projects Manager May 2019

Great Teacher! Great Course very informative and easy to understand

Becky Penning - Finance Assistant May 2019

This course was extremely helpful, the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and went through everything in detail – Would highly recommend

Michael Taylor - BACS Assistant April 2019

Wonderful presenter, very knowledgeable and thorough. Excellent course content

Heather Pead - Finance Manager April 2019

Excellent and enjoyable training. Trainer has great knowledge and was very helpful answering questions.

Rachel Docherty, April 2019

Very informative course - would certainly recommend to businesses that use BACS

Marie Crawford, April 2019

Informative and effective course with a lot of information that will be applicable to my day-to-day role. Thank you!

Aimee Gallagher, February 2019

An excellent course. Super-informed and energetic

Ben Gibson, February 2019

Gavin and Sarah were great trainers. They were very knowledgable, above their field and offered to help us with future queries

Amelia Nanor, February 2019

Gavin made a complex process easy to understand, delivered in an engaging and interesting manor

Ollie Williams, January 2019

An excellent and clear course about Direct Debits - great for people that deal with DD on a day to day basis

Ginny Groome, January 2019

The course is very thorough and informative. Gavin was very attentive and it was an enjoyable day - I didnt think I would enjoy learning about Direct Debits!

Sarah Findlay, December 2018

Gavin is knowledgeable, approachable and pleasant. The company has an amazing ethos and understanding of the up-to-date market.

M Manning. December 2018

Fantastic course content with great training materials

Fiona Baybrooke, December 2018

Amazing that you start the course with a view of having an understanding of Direct Debits but as you go through the course you realise a lot is based on incorrect assumptions - really interesting!

Mike Palmer, November 2018

Valuable course. Really opens your eyes to how we overcomplicate everything. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!

Nese Bekir, November 2018

I have attended this course 3 times and learn something new everytime

Liz Carr, November 2018

I feel a lot more confident after this course and have a lot of ideas for improvements that we can make. I wish we had had this course a year ago.

Samantha Hogan, November 2018

Direct Debit explained in plain English - Easily understood and well related to our organisation

Colin Loy, October 2018

Greatly run course, answered all my questions and highlighted other issues we were not aware of

Monika Graczykowska, October 2018

Fast-paced training but clear and good notes to take away

Angela Whittlesea Reed, October 2018

Highly recommend this course to gain a real understanding of how Direct Debits work. Its been a big eye opener and will help improve our services moving forward

Emma-Louise Armstrong, September 2018

I found the course very informative and interesting. Will now look at the reports and read them and understand them more than before

Sandra Hagger, September 2018

Really useful course, lots of really good information to take back and good quality handouts

Pete Cox, September 2018

Excellent course. Very relevant and added advantage of after course support is unexpected and a positive

Daniel Stokes, August 2018

I thought Direct Debit training would be quite heavy but this course was interesting, engaging and hugely informative

Anna Hardy, August 2018

Super useful and made me feel so much more confident about talking to customers about their Direct Debits

Sarah Foster, July 2018

Very knowledgeable and concise course. There was ample time to ask questions and obtain further explanations

Nikki Newing, July 2018

Did what was said on the label - "Direct Debits very 'clearly' explained". All the essentials interpreted from very dry rules and guidelines, presented very clearly and concisely

Andrew Atkinson, July 2018

This was such a useful course, brilliantly delivered. I would recommend to anyone

Jane Lee, June 2018

Best training course I have attended in a while!

Michael Bloy, June 2018

Pitched at the right level. Easy to understand and very useful both currently and going forward.

Sheila Minton, June 2018

Awesome training with Gavin - in-depth, so understanding the process is broken down, and explained to you. Brilliant, definitely would recommend.

Elosie Law, May 2018

I have worked with Direct Debits for a long time and it was useful to have some training - there was still some useful insights and clarification.

Tim Frazer-Smith, May 2018

Great, in-depth overview of Direct Debit process highlighting major requirements and practices. Would recommend.

Rhian Jones, May 2018

A must for all companies. Very informative!

Emma Langham, May 2018

Excellent. Presented in a clear and manageable way. Everything one needs to know about Direct Debits is in this course

Joel Mann, April 2018

Really interesting, informative and well presented. Thank you. I learned so much - plus - discovered many flaws in what we thought was correct

Megan Gray, April 2018

Gavins approach was jargon-free, easy to understand and he tailored the content to those in the room. I thought I was in for a dull day. I was very pleasantly surprised!

Daniel May-Miller, April 2018

The trainer was as good as his reputation from colleagues. Very good and informative

Maureen Fox, April 2018

I wish I had done this course earlier! Gavin did a great job of explaining the process and rovided a useful booklet which can be refered to outside of the classroom. I would definately recommend this course

Sarah Taylor, March 2018

An excellent ocurse that I would recommend all persons involved in the processing of Direct Debits and collection of payments via DD to attend

Stuart M Watts, March 2018

I learnt a lot and feel more positive and confident

Danielle Dickinson, February 2018

Excellent! Tailored detail with sound real-world solutions to organisational needs

Steve Ashford, February 2018

So engaging, really clear and informative and it has totally debunked all my misconceptions about direct debits! Such good teaching and a really excellent training provider

Naomi Marsden, January 2018

relaxed - easy to follow. Inspires confidence in launching the scheme

Petra, January 2018

This course really is helpful in clarifying 'myths' and enhancing on best processes. I've gained so much more knowledge to improve and increase the number of direct debits and gaining customers engagement

Debbie Mewell, January 2018

I would be willing to recommend the course as the knowledge and presentation of the facilitator made this a lot easier to understand and follow

James Martin, August 2017

Trainer was very knowledgeable regarding the course and great ongoing support

Kelly Osman, August 2017

Presented in an easy to understand format and I feel I took a lot of infromation away which I didn’t know I needed Well worth the money. Many thanks

Sophie Moore, August 2017

Clear, simple introduction to Direct Debits with guidance on how to improve in-house procedures

Julie Hill, August 2017

You get up to date information and compare what you do to what actually can be done

Tohomina Begum, July 2017

This course has put months of uncertainty and confusion into a clear and simple format – english!

Mandy Evans, July 2017

Information was provided in an easy to understand format, questions were explained in detail – very interactive

David Chamberlain, June 2017

Gavin was very thorough, explaining in great detail. Hew as very good at tailoring the course to our needs

Daniel Hickson, June 2017

Well explained, clear and concise, would recommend

Tom Scott, June 2017

Extremely good for someone who has never been on training

Irina Tkacova, May 2017

I had very little knowledge of the Direct Debit process having inherited the post so was pleased to find out more. I now feel more confident with the whole process

Jan Burchell, May 2017

As a novice with Direct Debits it was helpful to understand the whole process and whats available

Michelle Cormack, May 2017

This course provided an understanding of how DD processes work and the exchange of infromation with Bacs and the banks

Howard Campbell, May 2017

Good for anyone who is a DD collector to know and understand good practice and the rules

Stephanie Hewitt, April 2017

Good presentation and clear explanation of Direct Debit process

Sarah Collins, April 2017

This course made quite a complicated subject much clearer

Carole Kirby, April 2017

Very useful as someone new to processing the scheme. Trainer was knowledgeable and able to answer a wide range of queries

Nadine Aitken, April 2017

The course today has helped refresh my knowledge and updated me on general rules and regulations

Anita Baker, March 2017

Very friendly and really easy to understand each process

Mandy Copeland, March 2017

Very helpful with understanding how DDs work. Very clear.

Kasia Marie, March 2017

Good even if you already have a direct debit scheme and to make sure you are up-to-date with current rules

Andrea Hale, February 2017

It goes through all the key elements you need to know if you are dealing with DDs on a regular basis

Ashleigh Marchesse, February 2017

The course was very helpful and I learned a great deal, even after working with DDs for over 5 years

Leah Jones, February 2017

Excellent, practical and informative course. Trainer was very clear and knowledgeable

Gill Disley, January 2017

Leaves you with a clear understanding of how the Direct Debit Scheme works with AUDDIS

Nahida Hussain, January 2017

Fantastic detail, excellent trainer, well worth the time

Jennifer Laidler, January 2017

I would recommend this course to both new and existing Direct Debit Providers

Ken Dunn, November 2016

Exceptional knowledge; very interesting; useful and a lot to take away

Theresa Rodger, November 2016

Gives a solid and clear insight and grounding for Direct Debit processing

Chloe Cheadle, November 2016

Helpful to any organisation who collects payments

Jo Harbut, November 2016

Interesting course. Gavin gave some great suggestions that would potentially improve our uptake of DDs and collection rates

Aimee Marshall, October 2016

Very knowledgeableand experienced trainer providing a comprehensive indepth course in a fun and interesting way making it appropriate forall that attended

Colin Nobbs, October 2016

Clear, straight to the point, applicable immediately

Alina Dragan, October 2016

It gives a clear, step-by-step explanation of tasks, essential for anyone involved in operating a direct debit system

Kerry Nickolls, October 2016

Good explanations and high quality advice. Questions answered clearly with knowledge and experience

Gareth McNeill, September 2016

Very informative, dispels a few myths and keeps you updated on some bank practices

Angela Brear, September 2016

Gavin was an excellent teacher who makes the process clear and interesting. We would thoroughly recommend

Nicola Fink, September 2016

Excellent explanation to all levels within the organisation

Jennifer Whiteside, September 2016

Absolutely fantastic! So enjoyable and very interesting. Gavin was an excellent trainer and I feel like I’ve learnt so much relevant to my role

Alanna Summers, August 2016

Jargon explained in a very clear way

Linda Williams, August 2016

Great knowledge and presentation skills of the facilitator

Tim Spooner, August 2016

Valuable training for any business using / offering DD services

Joss Wilson, July 2016

I thought it was highly pertinent, interesting, informative and well presented

Toby Maynard, July 2016

The course was very engaging, with clear concise information

James Stroud, July 2016

The course was excellent. The facilitator was very knowledgeable and explained the process very clearly

Neil Cosham, June 2016

Very clear, interesting and relevant explanations which were easy to understand and interpret going forward

Clare Stewart, June 2016

I think everyone could learn something they didn’t know on this course

Abigail Tythe, June 2016

Excellent trainer; good pace; useful materials. Time for discussion on practical issues relevant to our circumstances

Angela Johnstone, June 2016

Great course, very helpful. Good to know we are doing things correctly and also good to know where improvements could be made. Excellent trainer. Thank you!

Trish Perkins-Harris, May 2016

Good intro and explanations of DDs, for all levels of knowledge

Doreen Douglas, May 2016

Anyone dealing with DD’s would find this valuable

Hazel Grimes, May 2016

All very good. Clear, concise, informative, excellent speaker and good demonstration skills

Angela Farago, May 2016

I have learned a lot of things I didn’t know about how DD’s work, how the system works on processing DD’s and how we can help our office save money and time

Kelly Dodds, April 2016

Very insightful and provokes discussion about current proceses, how up to date they are and highlights areas for further discussion to ensure best practice is being applied

Gary Cottrell, April 2016

Eunice was super helpful and answered all our questions in full. We learnt a lot today and will be looking to improve at our processes to improve having had Eunice’s help

Katie James, April 2016

This course covers a wide range of DD information which I didn’t previously know which I thought I knew

Cheryl Ward, April 2016

The course is very interesting with a brilliant trainer. It really outlines important Direct Debit rules and functions available

Steph Fonder, April 2016

Trainer was excellent in delivering information to people in different parts of the business and extremely patient al

Mark Trimo, March 2016

Very useful. I learnt a lot. Lots of info but was made fun by teacher

Laura Welburn, March 2016

I have found it useful to confirm what I have been doing for many years and for updating my knowledge!

June Chilvers, March 2016

A clear, concise course that provides all relevant information necessary. Very confident and energetic presenter that made a dry subject interesting!

Claire Hargreaves, March 2016

The course was great at going through the Direct Debit process. The trainer was fantastic and kept the course interesting

Emma Hutton, February 2016

Very informative, very relevant and very useful. Thank you

Emma McCarry, February 2016

Provided with excellent workbooks and explained in a clear precise way

Sarah Gouldson, February 2016

Clear, user-friendly course, great facilitator

Billie Hunt, February 2016

Excellent training – very clear and helpful

Diane Cole, January 2016

This course would be a useful background for anyone working with Direct Debits

Charles Sumner, January 2016

Very knowledgeable tutor, information relevant to daily work tasks

Samantha Wardlow, January 2016

..explains the process beginning to end, gets trainees involved and welcomed questions- very thorough

Khaleda Boshir, January 2016

All information was relevant to our roles and was made and delivered in an interesting manner

Gemma Doherty, December 2015

Provides a good general overview of what SEPA is and the rules that need to be complied with

Catherine Alexander-Gamble, December 2015

The course was very friendly and very informative

Maureen Spry, December 2015

Tutor has excellent knowledge and delivery style

Laura Knights, December 2015

A very informative and well presented day. Level of information balanced extremely well with our current practices.

Barbara Zalepa, November 2015

Very good and detailed knowledge from trainer – reinforces good / best practice

Stewart Landos, November 2015

This course is very interesting and informative. I would certainly recommend it

Vilma Langran, November 2015

A very informative course, delivered in an engaging way that was relevant to the charity sector

Natalie Evanson, November 2015

Informative and interesting. Good delivery and strong content matter

Louise Anger, October 2015

A great introduction into DD – well paced and aimed at the right level. Thank you!

Michael Baker, October 2015

Eunice – excellent presentation, personable, professional and kept discussions engaging and not too heavy

Michael Raison, October 2015

Great course – really pushed me forward and helped me in my role

Luke Redfern, October 2015

provides clear explanations around some of the rules you thought you knew

Deana Smith, September 2015

Clear, useful background. Very important for charities especially under the current climate

Amy Sturman, September 2015

A complex and perplexing subject explained simply and with patience and enthusiasm – very enjoyable

Bev Starkings, September 2015

An interesting and at times, eye opening course. Its given me much more understanding and confidence

Laura Cairns, August 2015

I have much more confidence about talking about the scheme with payers. Felt part of the course and able to ask questions / bounce ideas at any time throughout. Course length was great – not too rushed and not too long!

Lynn Reader, August 2015

Provides a better comprehensive overview of a DD system – beyond the information supplies by the bank and Bacs

Stephen Green, August 2015

This is a great course to help you get a better understanding on DD’s, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of DD

Kristrs Karasamanis, August 2015

Clear information with real life examples, which made the content easy to digest and understand. Tailor made to our requirements and needs

Helen Kelly, July 2015

This course gives a confidence boost to companies undergoing changes in customer business processes

Linda Willows, July 2015

An excellent course – much more interesting than you might imagine

Caroline Evens, July 2015

This course is a must for companies using Direct Debits – it contains excellent information to improve processes

Giles O’Donovan, July 2015

As a member of staff who deals with DD’s often I had no idea how it all worked – very useful to know the technicalities

Alexandra O’Brien, June 2015

As someone with no real background in DDs I found the course informative and well suited to all levels of knowledge / background. Also it was formed around people’s level of experience and requirements

Jacqui Powell, June 2015

This was a well presented course which helped to improve my dd knowledge in a clear and easy to understand way

Jane Moore, June 2015

Working in a large organisation I think it is essential that all DD administrators should attend this course – the advice given was invaluable and will allow me to implement (confidently) improvements which will greatly improve both cash flow and customer service

Jill Whitehouse, June 2015

Beneficial to all who deal with direct debits regardless of their job title

Sorcha Dempsey, May 2015

Even though I have worked with direct debits for over 6 years, the course was very informative and worthwhile

Karen Horley, May 2015

Very informative training course covering all aspects of Direct Debits from a Service Users and Payers point of view

Sharon Robinson, May 2015

Content explained in simple terms for everyone to be able to understand. Course leaders made environment friendly and comfortable

Natalie Fortune, May 2015

I would be happy to recommend (this course) within the IDPE community

Annabel Jones, April 2015

The course highlighted some easy, quick wins, some of which I suspect will increase income

Chris Ferris, April 2015

Provides excellent insight into the black art of Direct Debit process

Nathan O’Brien, April 2015

Gavin was knowledgeable of banking and Direct Debits. he could give valid examples and offer useful suggestions and advice

Madeleine Ward, April 2015

As new staff are employed this course should be offered to them

Joanne Ravenscroft, March 2015

Good quality course, well explained and clear information

Jonathan Croall, March 2015

Very thorough but laidback and easy to understand

Nigel Berry, March 2015

The subject was made interesting and gave a better understanding of how Direct Debit works

Sue Gil, March 2015

Knowledgeable, informed, tailored to our needs, personable delivery

Jacky Rees, February 2015

Very informative and bespoke q and a’s

James Wynn, February 2015

It was very helpful and well explained

Sarah Burke, January 2015

Enthusiastic and motivating. Very detailed and to some extent a good audit of our current service

Tim Clarke, January 2015

It seems relevant to participants at all stages of dd collection and with varied experience

Ruth Tomlinson, December 2014

Fantastic presentation, Brilliant at explaining all the technical terms

Mohammad El – Hilin, December 2014

Prior to course attendance I thought Bacs training would be rather bland but I was kept interested and the information gained was excellent

Sally Hayden, November 2014

I would definitely recommend this course to others…the course really opens your eyes

Lorren Pilkington, November 2014

This course covers all aspects of DD’s both from a Service Users side and also from a bank side – very informative

Fiona Hendry, October 2014

Makes you realise that Direct Debits are not that frightening after all! Thank you!

Nikki Miller, October 2014

I would recommend this to any new / business not correctly using AUDDIS or paperless Direct Debits

Donna Scott, September 2014

An extremely informative course which kept my attention all day!

Louise Milne, August 2014

I knew nothing about Direct Debits before taking part in this course but now feel that I have a good understanding

Hannah Linney, Riello UPS, July 2014

Great course and I would definitely recommend it

I would be happy to recommend this course. It is very informative and gives a much better understanding of Bacs

Direct Debits were a mystery to me – I now feel cofnident to go ahead and start setting up Direct Debits in house. Excellent Course

Emma Howells, United Welsh, June 2014

I would recommend this course to anyone who has queries about DD’s or about bacs. The small sessions enable in depth answers and a greater understanding

Natalie Walker, CM2000 Ltd., June 2014

A very informative, non-biased course – no attempts to sell software!

Bridget Yeadon, Framework Housing, June 2014

The trainer is very knowledgeable and took time out to understand our business and make the training specific to this

Julie Reynolds, United Utilities Group, May 2014

Brings all aspects of Direct Debit together in a friendly and helpful way. We can now move forward with confidence

Chris Cassidy, UKIP, March 2014

Excellent information. Very clear and gave me a greater understanding of the processes involved

Karl Howarth, Kirklees Active Leisure, February 2014

Very informative and leisurely learning. For someone totally new to DD’s I have left feeling informed with an ability to inform others

Sisii de Winter, The Lord’s Taverners UK, Janaury 2014

Very Interesting and learned several things I didn’t realise applied

Donna Borthwick, Neptune (Europe) Ltd, December 2013

The course gives up-to-date, relevant information for DD practices and procedures as well as interesting information about the Bacs organisation as a whole

Kevin Wilson, Brighton and Hove Council, December 2013

Excellent course, all points covered in detail but in an easy to follow and interactive manner[/testimonial

Daniel Lanchbury, SLM Everyone Active, October 2013

Gavin’s Knowledge of DD’s was very good. There wasn’t a question that couldn’t be answered

Rachel Ryan, Clifton College, November 2013

Factual, useful help to improve and make changes. Excellent course professionally delivered

Ben Beevers, SLM Everyone Active, October 2013

Very informative, nothing left out, eager to answer all and every question in full

Adam Harper, Towndoor Ltd., October 2013

Excellent and clear facilitation. Focuses on the needs of the group—stopping to discuss their requirements but also covering all relevant aspects of DD. No improvements required

Deborah Evans, Stroke Association, September 2013

I found the information supplied throughout the day to be of very high quality. The presenter is excellent

Stephen Bartley, Newtownabbey Borough Council, September 2013

I thought I knew about Direct Debits but Gavin was very informative

Martina Burns, Down District Council, September 2013

The personal tuition was tailored to our particular needs. Well worth the day

Mike Wood, The Farmers Club, August 2013

A very useful and practical course to explain how DD’s work. It has removed all the myth and mystery surrounding DD’s

Mike Edmonds, Girlguiding Association, July 2013

I feel much more confident that I would now be comfortable if a Direct Debit system was introduced

Jason Taylor, Olleco, July 2013

Excellent content and knowledge of trainer extremely relevant

Teresa Rodgers, June 2013