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Direct Debit is the preferred payment method for many customers, but how confident are your staff able to discuss Direct Debit? Can they deal with customer queries and manage error items such as unpaid Direct Debits and Indemnity Claims? Regular Direct Debit training will make sure that your Direct Debit system is efficient and compliant with the Bacs Scheme Rules.

Box Image Bacs accredited training provider

Bacs accredited training provider

Trusted, relevant and usable knowledge. As a Bacs Accredited Training Provider, we have delivered training to hundreds of companies – from the smallest to the largest organisations – in the UK, Europe and beyond.

We have worked with organisations operating in a range of market sectors (including charities, not-for-profits, retailers, education providers, and banks).

We are proud to deliver training of the highest quality and will also be available for ongoing support when you need us.

Tailored, bespoke courses or one of our trusted options

Box Icon Online face-to-face Direct Debit Training

Online face-to-face Direct Debit Training

Bacs Accredited Training delivered face-to-face over the Internet, either individually or to groups, at a time that suits. Using interactive breakout sessions, online whiteboards, presentation slides, and face-to-face discussions, this course is a complete overview of Direct Debits and vital for those working remotely and requiring greater insight and support.

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Box Icon Regional Direct Debit Training

Regional Direct Debit Training

Bacs Accredited Training run at UK city-centre locations, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and others. This course is a complete overview of Direct Debits and is an opportunity for individuals to learn in an environment where ideas are shared across organisations.

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Box Icon On-site  Direct Debit Training

On-site Direct Debit Training

Bacs Accredited Training at your offices at a date and time to suit your team. This course is a complete overview of the Direct Debit process and is tailored to the way you work, the systems you have in place, issues you are experiencing, and your individual learning requirements.

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Box Icon Bespoke  Direct Debit Training

Bespoke Direct Debit Training

A fully tailored training day/days focusing on your specific requirements and including practical guidance and hands-on support. These could include Implementing/Migrating to AUDDIS courses and Launching Paperless Direct Debit (PDD) courses, amongst others.

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Box Icon Call Centre / Sales Training

Call Centre / Sales Training

Typically run as a series of short sessions, these courses cover everything sales teams need to handle front-line queries. This training will ensure your teams are Scheme-compliant and can confidently deal with any questions raised.

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Box Icon Bank  Direct Debit Training

Bank Direct Debit Training

This training is for A Services Users and paying banks. It provides a thorough overview of the Direct Debit Scheme rules and responsibilities. It will answer questions about managing Direct Debit schemes, important issues for supporting Service Users, Indemnity Claims and more.

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Direct Debit In-Depth: Online Training

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