New Direct Debit Set-up

New Direct Debit Service User Set-up

If you have become a new Direct Debit Service User or are considering establishing a new Direct Debit system within your organisation, contact us for advice and guidance.  Our help will reduce the risk of errors in the set-up phase.  You will receive independent advice on software, collection solutions, sign-up routes such as Paperless Direct Debit (PDD) and best practice approaches.  Together we can ensure you have stringent processes in place to prevent fraud and reduce the possibility of indemnity claims.

Benefits of introducing Direct Debit

Box Icon Improve customer sign up & retention

Improve customer sign up & retention

Box Icon Speed-up the sign-up processes

Speed-up the sign-up processes

Box Icon Cheaper than cheques

Cheaper than cheques

Box Icon Safer than holding currency

Safer than holding currency

Box Icon Eliminate onerous reconciliation

Eliminate onerous reconciliation

Box Icon Can be variable amounts and dates

Can be variable amounts and dates

Handy Direct Debit set-up hints

It will typically take a minimum of 6 weeks to set up a new Direct Debit system, though often longer, especially when resources are limited. The journey to set up a new system is not always an easy one but don’t despair, we can guide you through the process and make it all ‘Clear’.


  1. Talk to your bank

    Your bank will need to approve your application to collect money via Direct Debit. They will assess your organisations financial stability, size and administrative processes. If they approve you, they will act as your sponsor. They will liaise on your behalf and pass on your unique Service User Number (SUN) which you will need in order to start processing payments.

  2. Weigh up the benefits of in-house vs out-sourced options

    Before deciding on the best solution you will need to consider your internal resources, the volume and frequency of your collections and the amount of revenue generated via Direct Debits. With an out-sourced option there will be fewer start-up costs as you won’t need to purchase any expensive Direct Debit software. The out-sourced company will also provide the expertise in setting up the system. The system can always be brought in-house later. With an in-house option, you will need software but you will retain full control.

  3. Consider adding Direct Debit as an addition

    Consider adding Direct Debit as an additional – rather than the only – payment collection method. Additional payment options will increase the number of customers willing to sign up. However, Direct Debit is the preferred payment method for approximately 8 out of 10 people. Reducing the number of ways in which a customer could pay, also reduces the number of different administrative systems you need to manage.

  4. Go paperless from the start

    Integrating a Paperless Direct Debit (PDD) sign up system into an existing telephone call centre or company website is easier than ever. This means you can offer the ability for immediate sign up. Just remember that there are strict rules governing what information needs to be available for customers to read / listen to. (This is to protect both the customer and the Service User).

  5. Direct Debit Training

    Direct Debit Training – Don’t forget to consider training. Ensuring compliance with scheme rules on a day to day basis doesn’t have to be difficult – as long as staff are trained. Proper accredited training will mean that companies can avoid the potential pitfalls and financial penalties of a poorly administered system.

Trusted advice and practical support for new Direct Debit systems

Reduce time, errors and cost