Bacs, Direct Debit, Online Sign Ups
Bacs, Bureau Service, Direct Debit, Online Sign UP
07, FEB 2020

Many organisations unintentionally create barriers to their customers paying them by Direct Debit. Why not remove these barriers!

Article by Debbie Lane

Consumers are confident with Direct Debits. Bacs research shows the average UK consumer has at least 8 Direct Debits set up. Despite this, many organisations don’t make it easy for people to pay them by Direct Debit.

5 Common barriers that organisations unintentionally create:

  • Consumers can’t sign-up to pay WHEN they want to. The explosion of online sales reflects consumer preference to shop at varying times of the day – that are convenient to them. Limiting a customer to signing up via the telephone during office hours or via an evening call centre simply doesn’t fit with many consumers preferred purchasing habits or give the flexibility people now expect.
  • They can’t do it the WAY they want to. Everyone’s different. Some prefer a paper DDI – but many ‘forget’ to complete and post it back. Some prefer to talk to a human being on the phone but many prefer to do it online so they don’t have to talk. Are you catering for all preferences?
  • It takes too long! Let’s face it – we can all be a little fickle and get distracted if a task takes too long. Keep it quick.
  • It’s too complicated. No one likes Death-by-Paperwork. Prevent consumer fatigue by removing unnecessary  admin.
  • It keeps going wrong – what a terrible service! Weaknesses inherent in a system, (e.g. manually capturing bank or address details and not conducting a real-time check on these), will lead to data input errors and failed collections. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Overcoming the barriers: Online Direct Debit sign-ups

Clear Direct Debit are always looking to introduce ways to improve the customer experience of Direct Debit. We are pleased therefore to introduce our new online Direct Debit sign-up screens. Created in collaboration with our partner NetXtra these screens are now live and being used by Service Users.

  • Seamless Integration. These online Direct Debit sign-up screens are fully bespoke and can seamlessly integrate into your existing website. Using your brand colours and logo’s, they can be tailored to offer your existing products and services and amended as required when new offerings are launched.
  • Secure and reliable. Data from the online signup screens is transferred securely through an Application Program Interface (API). The database behind is securely hosted and automatically updated and there is built in business continuity with no hardware and hot swap cloud servers.
  • Saving Time. This integrated solution minimises your manual administration and reduces errors. There is no re-keying of data as the database automatically updates. There is real-time lookup of addresses and bank validation at the point of capture. In addition, payers receive an email confirmation which acts as the Advanced Notice.
  • Quality Service. We offer a service, not software. This means we support the whole process – every step, from online Direct Debit sign-up to successful collection and we will hold regular reviews with you. We offer full Direct Debit Managed Services or Submission only – as you prefer.
  • Customised. We offer flexible, tailored configuration of the solution. You can customise fields and for example collect information on gift aid / existing policy or membership numbers. You can view the information via our customer portal so can retain control.

A positive Consumer Experience

These online Direct Debit sign-up screens offer your customers a quick, simple sign-up method that is available 24 hours a day via desktop, mobile or other devices. With in-built data checks they will enter correct address and bank details; they can choose products and payment dates appropriate for them and there is no need to create accounts or complete reams of information.

Simple to Implement

In order to use online sign-up screens your Service User Number needs to be enabled for AUDDIS and Paperless Direct Debits. The good news is that we are experts in implementing both! As a specialist Bacs consultancy we have helped hundreds of Service users get these systems up and running. If you need to implement either we can help! If you are ready to go, it’s a quick process to get the sign-up screens ready for your approval.

A trusted and reliable provider

Clear Direct Debit know the rules inside out and bring this knowledge as part of your extended team. We are not a faceless organisation – you will always have a dedicated, named team to support you – people that you can contact and chat to and even come visit if you would like. We provide the highest quality service and support your whole Direct Debit process, (not just your software). Our proven reliability means peace of mind for you and your customers.

Request a demo!

Have we tempted you to find out more? If you would like to add a simple and secure online Direct Debit sign-up page to your website, contact us to request a Demo and we will be happy to help.