SEPA Direct Debit Notification - Advance Notice

Notification of a SEPA Direct Debit collection

A Debtor must be provided with ‘Pre-notification’ as a rule under the SEPA Direct Debit scheme.  The notification should provide details of the Debtor’s (the individual making the payment) upcoming Direct Debit collection/s,  when it will commence and/or if there is a change to a collection.  The scheme rules clearly state that a collection should not be made without pre-notification being provided.   This must take place, at the latest, 14 calendar days prior to the collection.  14 days is standard for all companies collecting under the scheme. If the creditor wishes to collect with fewer than 14 days before collection then one to one arrangements between the Debtor and Creditor are permissible under the SEPA Direct Debit Schemes. Agreeing any arrangements in writing is recommended to prevent disputes.

Pre-notification Type

The chosen method will need approval from the Creditor Bank prior to use.


  1. Written

    In a statement, invoice, within the contract between the Debtor and Creditor

  2. Electronic

    Via an email, e-Invoice, online statements/ banking


Example: SEPA Pre-notification

Box Image

The Debtor will need to be given the following information:

  1. Due date

  2. Amount

  3. Unique Mandate Reference

  4. Creditor Identifier or Creditor Identifier Number

  5. Debtor’s IBAN (optional)

  6. Debtor’s BIC (optional)

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