Bacs, Non Processing Days
12, SEP 2022

With the announcement of the Bank Holiday on Monday 19th September, we want to update you on how this impacts the Bacs processing dates. As you have informed the payer, and you cannot collect earlier within scheme rules, any payments due to be collected on the 19th September will  now be collected on the 20th September. You will still be within scheme rules if you collect one day late. 

Bacs processing works on a 3-day cycle:

Day 1: Input Day                   Day 2: Processing Day                      Day 3: Payment Day

You need to send your file to Bacs two working days prior to the payment date (day 3). If you have any questions about this, please let us know – or maybe it’s time to consider BACS accredited training.

The new collection dates over the upcoming bank holiday are:

File Sent Processing Day  Collection Day
Thursday 15th Sept  Friday 16th Sept Tuesday 20th Sept 
Friday 16th Sept  Tuesday 20th Sept  Wednesday 21st Sept
Tuesday 20th Sept Wednesday 21st Sept  Thursday 22nd Sept


ClearDebit Bureau Customers :
Valid files uploaded before midday are submitted to Bacs the same working day as per the bureau agreement. Files uploaded after midday are submitted to Bacs the next available working day.
All files must be valid to be submitted to Bacs.