What is a Bacs Bureau?

Bacs, the organisation responsible for the Direct Debit and Direct Credit Schemes in the UK, define a Bacs Bureau as a “computer bureau that submits transactions through the Bacs service on behalf of third-party organisations”. Basically, using a bureau means that you can simply send files containing all your Direct Debit and Direct Credit transactions to the bureau. 

The bureau will then process the file and send it to Bacs for you, removing any need for expensive processing software and reducing the risks of mistakes and missed payments and collections. This is different from a Facilities Management Service which is more suited to organisations that cannot get their own SUN (Service User Number) from their bank.

Over half of the organisations using Bacs services in the UK make their Direct Debit and Direct Credit payment submissions through a Bacs Approved Bureau, rather than submitting files directly to Bacs themselves. They are referred to as “indirect submitters”. All Bacs-approved bureaux are subject to regular inspection and review by Bacs to ensure they meet the standards set by the scheme.

Simple and Secure Bacs Bureau Services

A bureau like ClearDebit can perform a key role for you in managing your Bacs payments/collections, as follows:

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We submit your AUDDIS files containing information about your new Direct Debit Instructions to Bacs.

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We process your on-going Direct Debit collection and/or your Direct Credit payment files

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We make your Bacs reports securely available so you don’t need smartcards to access them

Bacs Bureau vs Facilities Management

If your organisation has or is able to gain approval to operate your own Service User Number (sometimes referred to as an Originator’s Number or SUN), you can use a Bacs Bureau to submit your payment/make your collections.

Having your own SUN has major advantages over using a Facilities Management model. When you have your own SUN you retain the relationship with the Payer. This means that if you want to change providers further down the line, you are able to do so. Also, having your own SUN means that funds are collected into your bank account, rather than into your provider’s bank account, to be transferred into yours after a given time period. In addition, your customers will see your name on their bank statement if you collect with your own SUN, rather than the name of the Facilities Management company (which could potentially confuse them).

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